Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The new BMW Touring 5-Series

Company BMW has distributed the first photos of the new BMW Touring 5-Series. The main difference between models from the previous version - the substantially increased the amount of luggage, it is now up to 560 liters versus 500 liters in coming down the assembly line generation. With the rear seats folded cargo capacity of the new station wagon BMW 5 increases to 1670 liters - a previous version of this figure was only 1,650 liters. Semi folded seats taken away with 20 liters of usable space. Thus the total luggage gets a flat floor. In addition, the car has opening rear glass for easy loading of small items. 

The car will be equipped with 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, the system automatically turn off the engine at stops and new brakes. Power line consists of two petrol and two diesel engines, starting with aggregate capacity of 184 hp, the maximum version of the M5 engine has a capacity of 500 hp Suspension has new items to customize, improves manageability and capacity for transport of heavy loads. From the previous version of the car is also distinguished by a new design of the rear. 

Front design of the sedan is identical to the 5-series. It is noteworthy that despite the increase in the trunk, BMW 5-Series touring is still lagging behind on this indicator from its main rival - Mercedes E-class in the station wagon, which boasts a ratio of 695/1950 liters of cargo space. But admirers of brands, which necessarily have to carry large loads on the machine premium class, new without a doubt, enjoy it.

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