Thursday, March 11, 2010

The company Nissan has announced Nissan Murano

Following the gradual recovery of the market and consumer demand, the company Nissan has announced the expansion of production and the introduction of the second shift at a factory in St. Petersburg. 

In addition to increasing production volumes, the company decided to launch the third model - Nissan Murano, expanding, thus, a model line of cars produced, which until now was represented by two models - a sedan business-class Nissan Teana and the compact SUV Nissan X-Trail. Start of production of the third model is planned for early 2011. The models produced at the factory in St. Petersburg designed exclusively for sale to market. 

Increased production in turn necessitated the expansion of the state. In this regard, in February 2010 Nissan Manufacturing began recruitment for the second shift. The plant will create 600 additional jobs in addition to the existing 850. The second shift will start in June this year. 

Commenting on the move, general manager of Nissan Manufacturing said: "The team did a great job, to ensure the successful launch facility and the highest quality products - cars, Nissan Teana and Nissan X-Trail. Soon these models will be added and the third - Nissan Murano! At Nissan, we always aspire to produce cars as close to the markets for products. Expanding the production here in St. Petersburg, we reaffirm our intention to contribute to the development of economy and society.

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