Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tuning Mitsubishi ASX

In an effort to attract the attention of young people to some of his cars, Mitsubishi developed spetsmodifikatsiyu Roadest for minivan Delica D: 5 and crossover Outlander. Please note that these models are most popular among people aged 40 years.  The bold decision has paid off, that this modification is already 15% of shoppers prefer a minivan and more than 40% of the future owners Autlendera. Sly mittsubisiane changed only design, but who cares?  For now the crossover was so popular front bumper with LED daytime running lights, a few steel jewelry (logo Roadest ROAR Complete, edging mufflers, door sills).  As an option, proposed by 17-inch wheels Rays. The company intends to sell 200 cars a month the youth at a price of $ 27,650 for the base RVR Roadest with front drive and $ 33,270 for a top-end modification with all-wheel drive.

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