Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Powerful but easy - Audi R8 GT Spyder

Swift and powerful open supercar - R8 GT Spyder lose weight. This was officially the company said Audi . Such modification of compartment options was established in May last year, but already completely sold out, as was produced in limited quantities. Open-top version will also be a rarity, its release in quantities of 333 copies. The cost of a new supercar in Germany will be almost 208 000 euros. Minus 85 kg - this is the result of the fine work of the best mechanics Audi , the car now weighs 1640 kg. Stretcher engine, now made ​​from ultra-light magnesium, rear body panels, front and rear spoiler, rear bumper and engine compartment lid are made ​​of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, a total of minus 5.5 kg. By modernizing brakes, installing lighter wheels and other seats, car threw another 31.5 pounds. Acceleration from zero to hundreds of 3.8 seconds is possible thanks to ten-cylinder engine with 5.2 liters and output of 560 horsepower, which is paired with a six-speed robotized gear box R-tronic. On the decline, we get speed of 317 km \ h to cope with such speed to help the powerful brakes with carbon-ceramic discs and the stabilization system with sport mode (completely off). Soft roof on the roadster can be folded up to 50 km \ h and is able to do it for 19 seconds.

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