Friday, July 1, 2011

Roadster Audi R4

Audi did not refuse to issue a roadster in the image of concept cars E-tron Spyder. But he will not before 2014, so as not to hurt sales of the TT model Third generation. At this point we know that car will use a hybrid of a new modular platform group Volkswagen and the front suspension from the sports car Porsche Boxster third generation. In this case the back of the Roadster Audi will be "radically different" in comparison with existing models of brands, but, as usual, no less ambitious. Two variants of petrol engines: two-liter turbo "Quartet" output of 230 hp (same engine will appear in a new A3) and 2.5-liter "five" 350 hp (To disperse hundreds of 5 seconds and max. Speed ​​280 km \ h), which will complement the six "mechanics" and the seven-step "robot» S-tronic dual-clutch. Release of and electric versions of R 4, but it is less a priority than traditional power plants.

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