Monday, July 4, 2011

BMW preparing the 2-Series

One of these days BMW have registered the new name of the commodity M2. We all know what the M in relation to the Bavarian brand, but do not know how to apply it to number 2. Because BMW is not big fans to share information, we can only guess. At the moment, the basic version is as follows: the current first series was renamed to the second, in order to make room for something smaller. Smaller "penny", but more Mini Cooper, exactly, to embed the Mercedes A-Class. This conclusion is ripe on the basis of overall density in the line of the Bavarians - cram a new car between the first and third series have nowhere to go, and BMW 0.5-Series sounds terrible. Immediately reject the idea of ​​connection with the new project i3, dealers will sell them under a separate brand. However, assume that, in light of the anticipated revival of the original M1, the next generation of the current M1 white and blue propeller let the name M2, but then all confused, and the Germans appreciate the order. However, all this pales before the smelly ears, he says, youngest in a family of BMW will be (oh, horror!) Front wheel drive ... Just ugly duckling turns. Naturally, no spyware, nor even official photographs do not exist to speak of, so here's a picture of WorldCarFans.

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