Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy you, GTI

Recall that the Golf GTI in the year I turned 35 years old. Usually in such cases, the manufacturer produces special model and hero of the day getting drunk the whole. Other producers on the sly look at the festival, making it appear as if they are not interested, but the most vile, so generally accepted design competition. Of course, congratulating each other as they have is not accepted, but not when they are in the same group. Willy-nilly, Audi for a couple of Skoda had to make gifts - the first at an accelerated pace pile A1 Clubsport, sawed off the roof of the second World Rally Super 2000. They gave, of course not the roof, and the remainder of her convertible. The said named RS2000 and likely will spend the rest of century only a concept, as the Czechs failed to provide even tehharakteristik. Sorry, looks amazing machine - handsome, strong knocked that your pit bull, and does anyone know any other convertible rally? Both are set in the framework of the concept GTi-Worthersee tour - is a festival of tuning Worthersee, just traveling and dedicated to the birthday party Golf GTI. In the same way, you can live look at the Golf GTI Edition 35, which is already selling the German dealers.

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