Friday, September 3, 2010

Opel Meriva - represented a new generation car

The premiere of the new generation Opel Meriva minivan was held at the Moscow Motor Show. The machine is characterized by the use of different systems that enhance comfort and functionality.

Thus, the system is FlexDoors rear doors that open opposite the movement - it provides a much more comfortable fit in the car. FlexRail system increases storage space through the concept of moving the front console. Used electric parking brake and gearshift lever is shifted forward. FlexSpace - transformation system Interior: rear seats move back and forth independently of each other, allowing an optimal way to organize the space in the cabin. Finally, FlexFix - pulled out of the rear bumper rack for two bicycles.

Meriva will be supplied with an array of eight engines: three gasoline and five diesel, with capacity from 75 to 140 hp All diesel engines meet the standards of Euro-5.

Sales of the new Opel Meriva are scheduled for 2011.

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