Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chinese Rover Coming in Europe Market

At the end of the year will start European sales Roewe 550 Group SAIC - machine created on the purchased Chinese Rover 75 platform.
Realization of the car will go through a dealer network brand MG. The machine is equipped with a petrol turbo engine volume 1.8 liters and 150 hp, later planned to release a two-liter diesel engine option. Specifications, as well as the cost will be known closer to the start of sales.
Recall that the firm MG after bankruptcy in 2005, was bought by Chinese company Nanjing Automobile Group, which in turn came in 2007, the concern SAIC, and thus, a Chinese manufacturer came right on the mark, and MG Rover, as well as access to technologies. Use of the name Rover was later blocked by the concern Ford.

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