Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pickup - the BMW convertible

Engineers Unit "M" at BMW has once again proved that nothing human is alien to them. It has already been illuminated in network pickup pictures from BMW and were right and wrong simultaneously. Imprinted on them, the car actually exists. But it was built in a single copy As an April Fool's joke. Today, the Bavarian automaker completely declassified the unusual pickup. 
Basis for a provocative show-stopper was taken convertible M3. Structurally, his body was tough enough to out of it was possible to make a pickup without major rework the supporting structure. Under the hood is installed four-liter V-8 engine, capacity of 420 "horses", aggregated with the manual transmission. Cargo bay new items decorated with embossed aluminum, underneath there are additional branches, above all rose a soft awning. The front part of the pickup was a removable roof, so that, in fact, the car has remained a gig. Although unusual M3 was created as a joke, he will participate effectively in a very serious event. In the near future it will be seen together with the other stick, "Emkami" at the presentation of the latest BMW M5.

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