Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lexus LF-Gh debuts in New York

It seems to be a fantasy of journalists engaged future exhibition in Shanghai, but in those days will run from the bodywork highlights new products of the New York motor show, but it is also, incidentally, is not Khukhra-muhry, named forum. Anyway, so marketers decided to Lexus, is the American interior they found worthy of the premiere concept LF-Gh. In fact, one machine was still capybaras! It's no joke - almost 5 meters in length and 1.9 in width, so it is more GS. From which we conclude that it is, essentially, is GS, only the future that will come in 2012 on the change of generations.
Hood contents LF-Gh until overgrown with the details, however, it is definitely a hybrid, concepts with other motors Lexus no longer do. What to look, judge for yourself the benefit of the sketches we have plenty.
If you're going to New York, here are aiming, LF-Gh show on April 19.

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