Thursday, April 7, 2011

A new breed of Mercedes A-class

Mercedes have long thought, why buy the A-Class only wives, and the rare men of his wheel drive with a Yorkshire terrier on his lap and looked so pathetically towards the driver Audi S3 or BMW 135i. The guys from Mercedes thought the whole 15 years until finally he decided to - it's time to change something. And now they bring to Shanghai the next generation of its microvan, but only the concept. But what - the Germans seem to be started a small revolution!
What until now was the A-Class? A-Class, until now, been expensive MPV stricter regulations are not happy, not sad, plump, like most unique, cute but not very noticeable, in a word, mersedesovsky Chichikov. Now, however, hasten to him the wind of change, rather, they have piled up sand dunes along its metal body.
A nose, you've seen his nose? Pure SLS AMG. Mercedes described the new style of her baby as a "concentrated dynamism" (We, however, characterize it as a concept Mazda two years ago, coupled with fiery faces Chris Bengla, but who have asked), and even prepared for this thing militancy supercharged engine. The two-liter unit with fresh M270 series can be turned out up to 210 horsepower, which, among other things, direct-fire beating through bison, like the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic Type-R. Moreover, the network, walking rumors and baseless, the upcoming version AMG. That something is rustling in the market hot Hatch, because Mercedes will come back for the first time!
However, it is not imminent, while the Germans promised to front-wheel drive and a lot of trendy gizmos - all LED lights, dual clutch, the security system bristling with radar, which commanded an Adaptive Brake Assist, well, a ruler BlueEfficient for those who still cares very for Yorkshire Terriers.

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