Saturday, January 29, 2011

Volvo will show a hybrid recharged from the socket

At the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo will present a hybrid version of the model V60, almost ready for series production.
The power plant consists of a five-cylinder diesel engine 215 hp, which leads the front wheels and 70-horsepower electric motor that rotates the rear wheels, that is actually a hybrid is a four-wheel drive Volvo. The design used lithium-ion batteries with total capacity of 12 kilowatt-hours, and the gearbox - a six-speed automatic.
Cruising while driving on electric - 50 km, and can recharge the batteries from the household mains.
Volvo hybrid technology developed in collaboration with the energy company Vattefall, which will create a network of charging stations and will supply electricity to them.
The Swedish government, according to available information, is ready to provide customers with Volvo hybrid tax credits amounting to approximately € 7000.

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