Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mazda is in the square

Incidentally, the "deuce" from Mazda - the first car, a new generation which has become easier the last and, according to the manufacturer, this is his philosophy. Interestingly, expected in 2011, a new generation of the Mazda 2 will also continue this tradition? If the Japanese are able to adhere to its philosophy long enough, somewhere in the third millennium of their CD will be lighter than air. We can not wait. Meanwhile, the impending new product seep rather scanty information. Known for certain that it will adopt next-generation technology (who would doubt). Including a new technological complex SKYACTIV, which is designed specifically for the latest series of engines, transmissions, chassis and body? This complex, as now become a tradition; reduce harmful emissions and a positive impact on fuel consumption. And it is the Mazda 2 will be the first model on which these run-in "smart" technology. On one liter of gasoline, it can pass as much of 30 km. And who does not will pass, the one to blame.

The current generation of one liter of rides on the strength of 11-15 kilometers. Anyway, the car provided by our editorial staff. So, in our infinite disposal Mazda 2 pleasant green Spirited Green with 1,5 liter engine, automatic gearbox to complete Sport, supplemented by aerodynamic bodywork, a better music system, rain sensor and Smartcard.

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