Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Morgan announces sports hybrid

Morgan, a British sports car manufacturer of small series, intends to release a production version of the prototype LIFE Car. However, in contrast to the concept, the engine is powered by hydrogen; serial car will be a hybrid.
The power plant will LIFECar2 diesel-electric and will provide a power reserve of 1600 km, with the electric car can go 24 km. The body is made of light alloys and plastics, developed in Oxford, Cranfield and other universities in Britain, and weighs about 800 kg. Due to the small mass is achieved and excellent dynamics - is called the acceleration time from zero to 96 km / h (60 miles / h) - 7 seconds.
The exact date when the sports gabbroid moodily not yet known, however, reported that the cost in the UK range from 40,000 pounds.

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