Monday, August 2, 2010

The car as art

Can an old, rusty, long obsolete its age car MG Midget to become a work of art? American artists and designers Jean Wiley and Al Conte have demonstrated that it can. Their art project "The Wicker car, which was first introduced in the U.S. on the" Media Mix, leaves no one indifferent. 

Gene Wiley and Al Conte discovered Midget early 60s in the neighbor's yard (it was used for storage of firewood). Designers gave the car a second life, and renovated, striking the imagination image. To revive the car were used re-cycled materials, as well as artificial matter, composed of processed particles. 

Through the use of spare seat belts, the total length of about 460 meters, attached to the metal body of the car, Wiley and Conte have created a sense of wicker baskets. According to the artist, ceramist Jean Wiley, also owns the art of weaving, the basis of this project is the idea of "recycling, reuse, finding a second life items and eco-orientation". 

When you create a vehicle's interior designers worked closely with Joe Miller. The company, which employs Joe - Sterling Miller Designs - specializes exclusively in the design and manufacture of products of high quality cladding material DuPont Corian. Seats, carpets and windshield frame is made of this progressive material. 

Bouquet of Roses ceramic replaced gear selector, but from the dashboard as if the rose flowers. The artist-potter Al Conte dipped fresh flowers in paper clay and beauty froze. For the rear position lamps material also served as a pottery with printed pattern, the theme of the picture became psychedelic celestial bodies orange, red and yellow flowers.

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