Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Citroen DS3 R3

The body of the new car is facilitated by the use of original add-on elements, and then reinforced safety cage, made from high-walled steel pipes with a diameter of 45 mm, which provides the necessary rigidity of the chassis and passenger safety. Citroen has a four-DS3 R3 1.6-liter THP turbo-charged, designed on the basis of serial motor group PSA, power of 210 hp with torque of 350 Nm in a pair with a 6-speed robotized sequential gearbox. 
The design of the front and rear suspensions DS3 R3, designed to reflect the new rules of R, allows you to use this model almost any road surface. DS3 R3 is equipped with a wide range of adjustments: 3 option adjustable shock absorbers (different degrees of compression at high and low speeds, turn lights out, the presence of the controlled hydraulic), camber and toe in the wheels, brake setup (version of AV and AR), track and castor (version AV ).
The braking system is equipped with a system «pedal box» with dual master cylinder. Brake discs calipers equipped with four (AV) or two (AR) pistons. Hand brake has a hydraulic drive.
Model DS3 R3 will be released for sale Citroen Racing team in the form designer (Keith - kara) and in finished form.

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