Monday, July 5, 2010

A car for the Blind

In the creation of a new car in addition to specialists involved a group of scientists from the University of Virginia. Established technology they termed "nonvisual interface. It allows you to send blind driver information about the situation on the road. 

"The challenge is not to create a separate vehicle for the blind, but rather in the development of visual interfaces that allow for the blind to actual driving" - says Professor Virginia Tech University, Dennis Hon. 

To scan the surrounding space by laser sensors and cameras, and the information processed by computer, is transmitted to the driver via a special interface. 

On the speed of the driver informed DriveGrip special gloves with vibrating motors, mounted near the joints, and cover AirPix, with several holes, in fact, is a map of objects located around the vehicle and transmits information about the other cars and obstacles. 

As scientists predict that in the future, this technology can be used to improve the safety of mass-produced cars. 

"We see areas that were previously considered unknowable. We are moving from the belief that blindness deprives a person of the possibility of contribution to society "- said the chairman of the National Federation of the Blind Marc Maurer. 

It is expected that a prototype vehicle for the Blind will be based SUV Ford Escape. Display new items will be held in January next year at competitions Daytona International Speedway.

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