Friday, July 9, 2010

Making dreams come true

Tests of the new roadster-cabriolet from Mazda were organized in the Crimea. Under the sky, bathed in sunshine, we had to ride on the famous mountain serpentines, to appreciate the MX-5. However, to speak about the merits at this time somehow even inappropriate - the car is so good that it generally difficult to believe. However, the new MX-5 - do not dream, it really exists.

Mazda marketers claim that their roadster embodies the Japanese concept of Jinba Ittai - unity horse and rider. Sounds nice, right? Frankly, before a trip I took to this phrase with a fair amount of skepticism. Oh, and right after unification? .. However, familiarity with the MX-5 has demonstrated that even the most beautiful words can be sheer truth.

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