Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Universals Lada Priora

The sale of new model  peredneprivodny Estate Lada Priora. Official dealers began to sell a novelty, as planned, 20 June 2009. By that time the motor was set up supply to the consumer was able to choose the car you want him to color, the press service of the company. 

Lada Priora universal dimensions are: length 4330 mm, width 1680 mm, height 1508 mm. The car was a four-cylinder petrol engine volume of 1.6 liter complete with a mechanical gearbox. In the driving cycle touring consumes 7.2 liters of gasoline per 100 km and its maximum speed of 183 km / h. Mass in running order is equal to 1088 kg, total - 1593 kg. The new Lada Priora corresponds Environmental Class . 

Serial production started in pyatidvernogo universal version «suites». The list of equipment includes ABS, front airbags driver and front passenger, heated front seats, windshield wiping system with rain sensor, automatic inclusion of the light of headlamps, the system of safe parking, air conditioning system, improved noise and vibration isolation cabin, loop cargo in the trunk , lodgement (reylingi) on the roof for luggage, etc. In the future, to complete universals Lada Priora will include audio and shelf-shutter luggage. 

Saturation of comfort and safety systems makes touring Lada Priora a car fitted with a brand Lada, speak Toliyatti enterprise. In this new  is one of the most accessible in the classroom: the recommended retail price set equipped with the maximum - 357 107 rub. 

began to show on the market, and additional variants of the car: the dealers received a few dozen universals Lada Priora version of standard with anti-lock braking system and the climate system. The recommended retail price set will be 340 020 EUR.

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