Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Americans chose the most reliable car brand

The Americans were rating the most reliable cars. According to JD Power and Associates, the most reliable new cars U.S. citizens believe Lexus with a 84 problems per 100 vehicles. The leader of last year - Porsche - down to 2nd place, while the drivers feedback on the quality of this brand have changed slightly (90 to 87 issues a year ago). 3rd place, rising to seven steps up, won the Cadillac (General Motors), clarify . 

In-10 of the best hit is also Hyundai (95), Honda (99), Mercedes-Benz and Toyota (101), Ford (102), Chevrolet and Suzuki (103). But most criticism of the American consumer have caused cars Mini - 165 breakdowns per 100 vehicles. 

However, as noted by the experts, the quality of cars over the past year as a whole has grown. Thus, the average for the industry decreased from 118 to 100 cars of criticism in 2008-m to 108. Moreover, the growth of new items to ensure the quality of which usually suffer. 

Note, rating the quality of new cars is based on the survey almost 81 thousand respondents who bought or taking in the rent car 2009 model year, not less than three months. 192 models of 37 brands were evaluated on 228 criteria. It was noted the problems or their lack in two areas: defects / faults this includes all cases of breakage and improper functioning of parts and components) and design for example, the detail is fine, but its location is inconvenient. Cars are ranked by number of problems per 100 vehicles: less than, the higher the position the brand in the list.

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