Monday, June 29, 2009


In spring 2004, to light a BMW 1 (BMW 1 series) - a compact 5-door hatchback class C. BMW 1 has 87-second index (BMW e87). As expected, the company has remained true to himself: BMW 1 Series is rear-wheel drive, which is the only (and, incidentally, the most expensive) car classic layout in this segment. In addition, it is the only car in its class with a longitudinal engine layout, which allows you to balance the weight distribution (50 to 50) between the front and rear axle, to provide a low center of gravity and optimum traction. 

Currently, the Group offers the following BMW Models BMW 1: BMW 116, BMW 118 and BMW 120. Cars can produce with distributed injection (BMW 116i, BMW 118i, BMW 120i) and diesel (marked with the letter d). In terms of equipping the BMW 1 Series - one of the best in the class, it is a dynamic performance and quality, as well as high levels of security, giving comfort, historically devoted to the BMW cars of all the other background.

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