Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Supercar for 2 million euros

Lamborghini is now not the owner of a supercar worth a million euros will not have to say that has an extreme expensive car. After Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will cost about two million euros! So that’s the wealthy connoisseurs buy there is only a single problem - Time to buy vintage Lamborghini as long as it did others. All in all only 20 people can become the happy owners of Sesto Elemento.
Use a supercar, whose translate name as “The Sixth Element, can only be on the track.” Thats Why ?  The machine is hiding a V10 engine 570 hp under the hood. It would seem that not too many as well to compare the same Aventador has already 700 "horses". Nevertheless, Sesto Elemento will be dispersed to "hundreds" in  2-5 seconds. Low weight of less than a ton! Is the incredible secret of the car.
Thus, "the Sixth element" simply stunning despite the 570 hp acceleration capabilities. For comparison, the same Aventador reaches "hundreds" of 2-9 s, and 570-hp Gallardo - for 3-9 sec.

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