Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Opel Calibra back to life

Opel does not please us from long time with something trendy, as like the coupe. Since the time of reincarnated GT, to be precise. But in Ryusselheyme it turns that not to waste time and preparing for a new reincarnation. The Germans now have the benefit of a decent platform is Insignia. Well,, what else can they return to a life of its historical bins. No matter how Calibra? Excellent large compartment in a reasonable price. Once such a hit formula has been made and now those values ​​have not lost their relevance. Hopefully, they are not forgotten in the Opel.
In the meantime know the following - Calibra 2012 will be RWD. But the version of the OPC and those will be; Otherwise why bother it would take up Calibra promise with the moment at all four wheels and a turbo charged 2.8 V6, which ryusselheyme shoved under his other hot hoods.

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