Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skoda expanding into new niches

Love here in Skoda. Still, everyone likes to get the quality and design concern Volkswagen, but under a different shildikom and at a reasonable price. Factory-running engine of many models and sverhloyalnye for the buyer complete the conditions of service of their business. And love this part of the company Skoda is quite mutual. One of the most promising markets for itself, it recognizes Russia.
Today, Skoda conceived satiate the need for a compact, cost-effective to purchase and nenakladnom to operate the car with the release of two new models. The prototype for one of the cars is a city minicar Volkswagen Up. The German has proved to be the best hand, and its Eastern European reincarnation has every chance of inheriting success. Different from his Skoda new bumpers, headlights head lights and grille. The second compact city car will take an intermediate position between the models Fabia and Octavia, the niche between them has long stood empty, and spoke for itself. She filled in 2012. Small cars will be supplied with two kinds of three-cylinder engines: gasoline, 1 liter and 1.2-liter diesel engine with 75 horsepower. Presumably, the new models will be available and the version with 82-horsepower electric motor.
Recall that in early March at the Geneva Motor Show by Skoda hatchback concept was presented to Vision D. He is the fulcrum for the creation of stylistic decisions of the two future compact city cars Skoda.

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