Sunday, March 27, 2011

The next generation C-Class

Future Mercedes-Benz C-Class is predetermined. All cars are the next generation C-Class will be hybrids. Mixed power plants are considered environmentally friendly, reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and the consumption of so valuable in our time of hydrocarbons.
As it became known from the representatives of the German automaker, prototypes of new models of C-class has already begun to be tested. The "green" hybrids will appear in showrooms in 2013. The cars will install engines with reduced emissions. Diesel engines will have CO2 emissions of 100 grams per kilometer, while gasoline with about 120 grams per kilometer. In addition, the power plant will include an electric motor and battery pack.
The program of environmental improvements from Mercedes-Benz, also includes plans to equip its cars with engines of four cylinders, two of which can be switched off at loads that do not require the motor is running at full capacity. But, despite the complexity of installation, the total weight of the vehicle will be reduced by approximately 10 percent.
The first copies of the new hybrids are undergoing sea trials.

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