Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Cozy Car

New Honda CR-V at first glance gives the impression of solidity. In the car there is nothing child: he is one hundred percent solid, solid, grown-up. Owning such a machine is uniquely speaks of her owner, as a man held and successful. Obviously, for the image has to pay: the price of CR-V 2010 model year range. 
In the maximum configuration the car is equipped with electric sunroof, leather interior, Parktronic, powered driver's seat, electrical lumbar support for driver subwoofer ... That is practically all you need for comfort. However, we went for a test model in the Elegance version with a two-liter engine and five-speed automatic transmission. This car is worth 1 million 195 thousand rubles. (That is cheaper than a top at 203 thousand rubles). And it was not nothing of the above. No hatch, no leather seats, no power seats or a subwoofer, or even Parktronic, not to mention the navigation! And it is up to 1 million 195 thousand! Especially disappointed with Parktronic, without which unfold in a car longer than 4,5 meters and a width of 1.82 meters was extraordinarily difficult.

In other words, filling sharply discordant with the very essence of the Honda CR-V. After several days of operation it became apparent that, if and to buy this car, it is only in the only reasonably complete set of top-end Executive. But in order to pay for it nearly half a million - you have to be a really big supporter of Honda CR-V.
Next, remember that this car can fly only by the call of the soul. He must comply with financial, for the city fuel economy does not fall below 13 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the road CR-V consumes nearly 8 liters. So that only manage to fill! And, as you know, consumption of gasoline - is not the only expense. Maintenance of such machines as the Honda CR-V also will leave a lot of money.
And yet, it's worth it! When you press the gas pedal and the car darts off, quickly picking up steam - feel an incomparable sense of deep satisfaction. In this case, the machine is not just comfortable - it is also and extremely spacious. For large families the best and not think of - CR-V is ideal for family holidays. It fits all the essentials and more. In this case, passengers will still be able to feel the most imposingly.
Actively promotes the use of a car and plug in the appropriate four-wheel drive. In the case of slipping it will help to overcome the relative lack of roads, giving the driver a sense of confidence in Congress, with asphalt. Of course, one drawback of the intellectual wheel-drive is still there - he can join in when the driver is not quite ready for this. However, it is not even the lack of - probably a feature of the car, which should know.
In short, the new CR-V-is such a car, which is needed to sufficiently secured by the city dweller who leaves from time to time on the giving or the nature of a large family. Of course, the car should not expect miracles patency or any special cost. But, unlike many competitors, it just falls in love. Therefore, such a machine would like to possess, even in spite of some rational plus or minus. After all, it is important - an invaluable atmosphere of coziness.

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