Monday, November 15, 2010

First Opel hybrid car Ampera

Opel called the cost of its first hybrid car Ampera, which will be sold in Europe at the end of next year.
Opel Ampera the basic kit will cost the Europeans to 42,900 euros. For comparison, the U.S. soplatformenny Chevrolet Volt - essentially, the same machine, but with other shildikami - sold for 41,000 dollars. Lower prices secured government subsidies.
Ampera constantly driven by an electric motor 150 hp - It allows you to position it as an electric car. 100-strong internal combustion engine, which he has used exclusively to recharge the batteries. Electric range - 50 to 80 km when fully charged battery. Connect engine can increase mileage up to 480 km.
The machine accelerates to "hundreds" for 9 seconds and a top speed Opel Ampera - 161 km / h. Charging the battery from the household power is 3 hours.

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