Saturday, June 26, 2010

Personnel changes in the BMW

From 1 July 2010 as president BMW Group Russia will Kronshnabel Peter, to whom their powers solemnly handed Christian Kremer. In turn, Mr. Kramer will lead the Italian unit of the Bavarian automaker, where, according to a management group, will be very useful to his experience gained over the years of managing BMW Group Russia.

This was largely a difficult period for the automotive market. Consequences of default in 1998 are still very much felt when 7 years ago, Christian headed BGR. But he managed to bring the brand to the forefront, will make every effort to develop the brand and making it a leader in the premium segment. 

Successor will certainly be easier, but also the challenges he faces some important challenges. While Mr. Kronshnabel did policy statements, but vowed that he has consistently and deliberately, like its predecessor, will defend the interests of the brand in the domestic market. The new head of the company studied international business administration at the University of Pforzheim in Germany) and has a rich practice of managerial work. From 2006 he headed the division of the BMW Group in India where implemented exit strategy of the BMW market in India. Before that he served as General Manager for Market Development in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe.

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