Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The most favorite car of American

Such data are contained in the report of the company TrueCar, which specializes in the study of the automotive market. Women's audience is 56.1 per cent of the total number of buyers of this machine.

Specialists TrueCar analyzed registration data more than 13 million vehicles registered in the U.S. over the past two years. As a result, researchers found that only nine models used by women is more popular than men. In addition to "bug", this Nissan Rogue (53,5 per cent of its new owners - women), Hyundai Tucson (53 percent), Volkswagen Eos (53 percent), Volvo S40 (51,9 percent), Honda CR-V (51, 3 per cent), Kia Sportage (50,5 percent), Toyota RAV4 (50,4 percent), Nissan Sentra (50,1 percent).

Analysts could not find a single brand, which would be used in women more popular than men.

The most "feminine" cars researchers call Kia - the brand bought 48.5 for women. Second and third places in the top three "female" leaders have Suzuki (44,2 percent) and Mini (43,9 percent). Most little buy stamps - Bugatti (zero percent), Ferrari (5,6 percent) and Lamborghini (6,5 percent).

64 percent of the total number of registered vehicles in the U.S. are men - despite the fact that women in this country has a 3% increase (51 per cent against 49). Analysts argue that such a difference is observed in connection with the fact that the fairer sex does not always register the car itself and the number of women drivers exceeds the number of women buyers.

What models are most popular among men, the researchers did not specify.

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