Thursday, October 27, 2011

E-Auto has introduced a new crossover design

E-cars provided an updated design of e-crossover.  Recall that the original version was pretty nice, but after the show on a modified version of Frakfurtskom Motor Show, the company collapsed shaft perturbed reviews - very few people liked the design of crossover.  Heeding the voice of the community, the E-Car today unveiled the updated design of the crossover, is more pleasing to the eye. The car is different front bumper, a small black grille, modified rear lights and roof rails.
Recall that the dual-fuel hybrid car will receive an installation that, according to the manufacturers, will correspond to the dynamics of two-liter conventional petrol engine.  Also promise to the Russian auto industry innovative things, such as sensory entertainment system, climate control and so on.  With the first cars will go the conveyor at the end of next year, and first go to a series is a crossover.

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