Monday, August 8, 2011

Alfa Romeo 4C detail

The Frankfurt Motor Show, manufacturers are stirred up. Toyota posted a second teaser of the new Camry, the exterior of which, however, everything is already known, and after announcing the Alfa Romeo 4C.  This is perhaps the most coveted premiere of the forecast wealth of German pavilion.  Why?  Just 8C Competitions, without doubt, the most beautiful car today, well, the coming new - his younger version.  Now we have two beautiful car today, unless, of course, Italians do not disappoint.  And judging by the Geneva concept, they will not let you down.
About Materiel know the following: Alfa Romeo promised to collect under shildikom 4C best technology of its main compartment and, of course, add them so new that the company has gained over 4 years of production.  In particular, the car will get a fresh chassis, made of carbon fiber and aluminum.  With this cart, the mass of 4C to meet the minor 850 kg, which will allow engineers to do something only a 1.8-liter turbocharged 197 forces.  Imagine - 197 horses to the rear-wheel drive, 5 seconds to Stoney, 850 kg of weight, mid-engine layout and design of Alfa Romeo, but as yet a dream, if not this?  Is it only for a reasonable price, but there may be a problem - not the most modest guys are working at Alfa Romeo.
Frankfurt teaser announcement, we will have shown, and now offer a refresher concept that the Italians were taken to Geneva.

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