Friday, February 4, 2011

Alfa Romeo is working on a rear-drive coupe

Alfa Romeo prepares a rear-engine rear-drive coupe available, which intends to put on a conveyor belt at the end of next year.

The car, called 4C GTA was originally planned to show at the Motor Show in Geneva in March this year, however, is whether this debut is still unknown, because the firm in the construction of the machine ran into difficulties.

Alfa Romeo collaborates with renowned manufacturer of racing cars Dallara, which will develop new items for the carbon fiber body shell with aluminum sub frame.

It is expected that the lightweight (850 kg) car will receive 1.8-liter turbo power of 250 hp

Italians are going for five years to produce such 20000-25000 coupe, the estimated cost of which will be approximately 40,000 euros.

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