Monday, August 3, 2009

THE CAR Mazda Tribute

Mazda Tribute Car been in serial production in 2000. Sports in nature, a high level of comfort and the opportunity to use the car in a full off-road Mazda Tribute allowed to become a leader in sales in many countries around the world.

Under the hood Mazda Tribute developers to choose pokapatelya establish two types of engines V6 DOHC: working volume 2.0 liter capacity of 124 and 197 hp The modern system of Rotary Blade Coupling ensures Mazda Tribute hydraulic connection of the rear axle when the front wheels slip. Sustainability Mazda Tribyut turn and in the performance of complex maneuvers is achieved through the use of the stabilization of exchange rate movements and stability, based on recent advances in high technology.

Several levels of passive and active protection Mazda Tribyut include dual airbags and electronic brake force distribution, which takes into account the load the car. Additional mounting in the hull provide a survival of the occupants Mazda Tribut, even with a head-on collision with an obstacle. All of this functionality allows the equipment to effectively use Mazda Tribut as a vehicle for long trips the whole family or a large company.

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